Meaning, if you’re a guy and your wife is pregnant…
Sort of along the same lines of “my brother is going to be an aunt…because we’re having a little girl…Aunt Andrew…”
OK nevermind.

The point is, I have the best husband (for many reasons), and the following picture explains one of those reasons.


That’s right, a body pillow.

To all my preggo girls…get one of these ASAP…it may actually help you sleep through the night!

My parents have one of these, and when we were staying at their house I tried it and LOVED it.  And apparently Michael the Husband took note.  Because the other night when I came home from work, guess what was waiting for me?

I love how thoughtful and observant he is. 

It helps my back pain like you wouldn’t believe and, yes, even gives me a full night’s sleep! 

Yes, you need this.  So go to Target and find one.  Or better yet, drop hints to your favorite man and convince him that a Target Trek sounds like a smashing idea. 😉