It’s Saturday.  That’s cool.

I’m officially in my third trimester.  Super cool.

Softball season has started.  Which means we have cool husbands.

Mike is a beast at P90X.  He’s getting fit while I’m getting fat.  NOT cool.

And here are some treats that you should either buy or make in order to STAY cool:

1) Fruit Floes from Trader Joe’s. 


Amazazing.  Whole Fruit bars.  Buy them NOW!  They’re only $1.99 for 4!!


2) Pineapple Strawberry Lime Smoothies. 

DSC05517 DSC05518 

Pick up some simple syrup (or make it), blend it with yogurt and frozen fruit, stick a lime on it and voila! 

3) Homemade Butterfinger Blizzards


Who needs Dairy Queen?  Just get vanilla ice cream, milk and A LOT of Butterfinger bars, and blend!  And invite friends over.  Then you’ll be so cool you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Now I’m headed into town with Cyndi and Michelle for some good coffee and a trip to the Grower’s Market.  We’ll see if Starbucks can handle our coolness.