This post is not very “theme-oriented.”

Instead, it’s a ramblings of things going on inside my head.  This really is an enter-at-your-own-risk kind of warning.

We’ll start with Portabella mushrooms.  I made these for dinner last night.


They looked really cool.  But I’m not sure we like Portabella mushrooms as much as we thought we did.  Er, as much as I thought we did ;)  The asparagus, couscous and red pepper coulis were delish.  The shroom?  Not so much.  Which, it was kinda the star of the meal, so I’m not sure what to think about that.  Anyways, if nothing else, it was super healthy and looked fun.  So I thought I’d post it for all you mushroom lovers out there.


Moving on now to stink bug wars.  The short story is: I’m paranoid.  And I’ve been like that ever since I woke up one morning and Mike informed me, “hey babe guess what!  last night after you fell asleep I found 3 stink bugs on our bed!  But don’t worry.  I killed them.”  He then told me not to let it bug me, because that would stink.


The result?  I’ve been like Jack Bauer every time I round a corner in our house.  I’m always on the ready, on the hunt.  And I take great delight in drowning them in the toilet.  I feel victorious!

And yet, I have this crazy irrational fear that perhaps I should not take such delight in their demise.  Simply because, what if I turn out like Will Smith in I Am Legend? 

Confused?  I will explain.

Remember the part where Robert Neville and his dog Sam trap the Dark Seeker?  You know, they set a trap and capture the zombie to take back to his laboratory?  (here they are now…on the hunt)

i am legend

Ok well, fast forward to Fred.


Remember mannequin Fred?  From the movie store.  Only this time he’s NOT in the movie store?  “What are you doin’ out here Fred?!?!  fred, if you’re real, you’d better tell me right now!!!!!”
Yeah.  That part.  And remember what happens next?  They use Fred as bait to trap Will Smith just like he trapped their zombie friend!

So, it gets me thinking.  What if the stink bugs are watching me trap and destroy all their stink bug friends?  I half expect one morning to wake up and find a gigantic stink bug perched on my nightstand, ready to annihilate me.  I haven’t quite figured out what the equivalent to flushing them down the toilet would mean for me, but I expect it can’t be good.

And see, these are the crazy thoughts that run through my head.  This is why I should not be allowed to watch these kind of movies.  And it’s also why I should not be allowed to publish my thoughts for the entire world to read.  It just can’t end in anything good.


Also, three times the charm, right?  That’s what I told myself when I bought this new bedspread.


I’m trying to get the master bedroom decorated, and I think I finally stumbled across the right comforter!  TJ Maxx how I love you.  The green ties in very nicely with the walls, and the white really brightens up the room.  Next up: nice curtains and rods.

Other goings on? 
– I feel very pregnant, and Julia sure is an active child.  We affectionately call her the Karate Kid.  3 months to go!
– It’s close to 90 degrees here in southeastern PA, and if the calendar didn’t read April you’d be sure it was July.  We usually go to Phillies Home Opening Night with the Hayes, but this year we decided to postpone the game until later because in years past, it’s been frigid and quite unenjoyable.  It would figure that the one year we don’t go, it’s a balmy 80 degrees.  Of course. 
– We broke ground on our garden last week. 
– I think I’ve already killed my pansies.  But I mean, seriously, if they weren’t such PANSIES, maybe they’d have lived long enough until I had time to plant them in the ground.  (I like to deflect guilt.)
– If you’re wondering what happened with the futon, let’s not talk about it.  It was a very emotional day for this pregnant gal.  Because of course, as everyone knows, finding the perfect futon is the most important thing in the WORLD. ………… We did find one, and we will be going back to get it shortly, but let’s just say someone should have warned me that futons don’t exactly come studded with diamonds and sapphires.  Like I said, pregnant-lady-syndrome.
– Mike is starting p90x.  I will update as much as I am allowed to on that 😉

And I was going to close with a quote that I read by Jeremiah Burroughs this morning, but after what I just wrote, it just would not have the same effect I do not think.  So I’ll save that for a more inspirational post.

Have a great Thursday!