So, today begins taking the 3rd floor seriously.

We moved in last August, and we originally planned to put our old couch and chair set up there (for storage and also for functional use), but the couch was too bulky to fit up two flights of stairs.  So we abandoned it – gave it away to Mike’s parents to be exact.

And ever since then, the 3rd floor has been very seldom used.  Except by those few nasty stink bugs whom I have sent to a violent death by water.  (aka The Toilet.) 

But that is all about to change.  Today we are going sofa-bed shopping.  Our plan is to make the 3rd floor loft a living-area/guest-room/playroom.

Yes, that is a very multifunctional goal.  I realize that.  But we need a place for guests to stay when they visit.  And my downstairs is not exactly “baby-proof,” so I need another place to let Julia roam free with all those colorful baby toys that don’t match my living room decor. ;)  And it will just be nice to have another living area where we can all hang out and relax.  (Plus, Matt is trying to talk Mike into doing p90x, and should Mike decide to do that, he can exercise upstairs while I watch TLC downstairs.  And many battles will thus be avoided.)   

So, I am looking for ideas.  Casual, functional, yet stylish is the goal.  If you have any thoughts, please share.

I like this sofa sleeper from Pottery Barn.

sofa bed

It’s more formal in this setting than I would like, and perhaps I wouldn’t go with such a light color, but it could be dressed down with some fun colorful pillows.  In addition let’s just ignore the fact that I can’t afford this sofa and focus on the point that this is INSPIRATON! ;) 

I will let you know how today’s trip goes.  I’m hoping we can find something.