errr…Bill Clinton’s long lost twin brother…and…Ryan Seacrest! (that’s what “Bill” kept calling Michael.  C’mon…..it was a room full of scientists.  If anyone looked like Ryan Seacrest, it was Mike.  We think it was because of the hair.)

This guy was the comedy act for last night’s dinner, and he was good at his job.  Really, it was uncanny.  And we laughed a lot!  Although, I’m pretty sure that hair is not real.

The food was, of course, delicious.  Mike got the filet and I got Chicken Christopher.  Which included 3 gigantic chicken breasts.  I would like to know who can eat that after having crab and steak appetizers, salad and bread, plus a tree of broccoli and baked potato on the side.  Plus dessert later.  I barely made it through one.  But it was delicious!

DSC05031.ARW DSC05032


It was a fabulous time.  And I so enjoyed getting to see Michael the Scientist in his element (hahaha get it? ;)) and meet all of his lovely coworkers.

Today is our last day here.  I am very sad – the time went so quickly!  But it has been a wonderful trip and I’m so grateful we had this time away.

Off to go get a cup of coffee and do some reading!