So have you ever taken a thought and followed the train back to where it originated in the first place?
That’s what I had to do in order to explain myself on this post about butter.

It went like this:
– I looked at a recipe with fat-free mayo in it and exclaimed to Margie “what is this fat-free-mayo industry anyways? isn’t the entire POINT of mayonnaise to be fat? i mean, literally, that’s what it is.” We then discussed how gross the fake version was.
– Then Margie said it was like fat-free Half & Half. I mean, c’mon, peoples!
– THEN Margie admitted that she had actually bought some and it wasn’t that terrible. (A Travesty)
– Then I wondered aloud how one even makes fat free half and half if the point is to have half cream, which has fat.
– Which got us talking about cream and how to get fat out of it.
– Which led us to buttermilk, which is actually NOT fattening because it is the milk that separates from the cream and leaves only butter (which is the fattening part.)
– Which led me to tell Margie how my dad and brother and I had made butter once in a jar and shook it like jingle bells until at last we had butter.
– Which led Margie to tell me how to make it with a stand-up mixer. And she sent me this link:
Instructables: How To Make Butter

I just love the word instructables. Instructables instructables instructables. I could say it all day long.

***DISCLAIMER*** Margie would like me to inform you all that she is not so much naturally full of all this wonderful info as much as she is addicted to google. She is “a google junkie”. I, for one, am glad she is because she shows me all these exciting things that abound on the world-wide-web.

Also, here’s another link I found that seems to have more concise instructions. Over the Hill & On a Roll

So THAT is the long train that brought about the topic of making butter. And I do believe I am going to try it. It not only tastes fresher and phenomenally better (so I’ve heard), you can also add in all kinds of things: honey, herbs, cinnamon, sea salt, etc. And I hear it makes wonderful gifts! *coughtracicough*

So, Project Butter. I will let you know how it goes. I may have found a new hobby. Oh, and I promise you, this will not be fat-free butter. Goodness.